Ron Kingston’s secret to singing 180 shows in a row

24 May Ron Kingston’s secret to singing 180 shows in a row

No one does it quite like Ron Kingston. Australian singer songwriter and entertainer manages to perform night after night around the world consecutively without a vacation. His record so far is 180 shows in a row. If thats not newsworthy enough, in each show he performs about 32 songs per show.

So whats the secret? Kingston claims to eat a healthy diet of sushi, sashimi, steamed fish, at least 2 cups of pure ginger tea with honey daily as well as yoga before each of his performances. When he performs in big cities like Osaka, Seoul, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo he avoids the mad rush on the subways and prefers a cab ride just so he doesn’t feel like he is in close proximity of the congestion. He claims most people are susceptible of colds and flu when they are confined to small spaces such as subways and buses. As a singer he has a responsibility to his audience to give his best show every night.

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