Bridging Australia & Indonesia Through Song

30 Aug Bridging Australia & Indonesia Through Song

Singer/songwriter Ron Kingston closes the gap between Indonesia & Australia

Australian fresh faced romantic soul artist/songwriter Ron Kingston has spent the better part of the last few years performing to thousands of fans in Asia and has finally taken up the challenge to be the first ‘western’ artist to release a commercial original song in Bahasa Indonesian language.

Ron Kingston recently returned to his home city Melbourne Australia after performing a 10 month tour Asia which included over 200 shows consistently in South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia. Since Australia and neighbouring Indonesia have had shaky relations in recent years, as well as his love for Indonesian culture and the warmth of the people, Ron felt it a necessary part of his musical journey to bridge the gap between Indonesia and Australia by recording one of his original songs in Bahasa.

The song title is currently kept in secrecy until it will be released in Indonesia towards the end of 2010 and performed live in some of Indonesia’s biggest festivals. For more information visit Ron Kingston’s official website:

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