Regarded as one of Australia’s most articulate and soothing vocalists with a career that has encompassed recording, performing and writing songs, Ron Kingston has enjoyed an international musical career spanning many years. Ron has entertained before thousands in more than a dozen nations, such as his native Australia and throughout much of the Asia Pacific, including China, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Bahrain and Brazil.

Over the course of his career, he has amassed a fan base, 4 albums and several awards by being one of the truly romantic artists from down under. With his unique, soulful ballads that gracefully continue to capture the hearts of listeners such as "Only You Only Me," "Room 922" and "Make It Up to You," Ron Kingston has proven himself as the consummate vocal professional. His song, “U-Turn,” is soothingly pensive with express romantic sentiment. At his best, Kingston’s style features an urban sophistication and subdued soulfulness.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Ron Kingston taught himself to sing and play guitar at age 13. His apparent passion for music was inspired while mimicking his favorite actors in movies and musicals. With scraps of paper and a dusty old tape deck, he wrote and recorded original songs that would lead him to an intriguing melancholy debut album not too long after he graduated high school His formidable years kept him busy in and out of bands with an eye and target set firmly on the international arena. With a burning desire to make great albums and trot the globe, Kingston moved to New York and played with bands at some of Manhattan's finest venues.

In 2005, Kingston performed a record-breaking 113 shows in a row in Japan’s Summer Budweiser Music Festival from May until the end of August and quickly sold out of his CD within the first 4 weeks. In 2008, Ron Kingston performed in the Gulf for US, British and Australian soldiers serving in neighbouring Iraq and Kuwait. In 2011, Kingston met with American R&B recording artist Keith Martin and began working on a collection of new songs for release. Their first collaboration is a duet with Mia called "My Friend." The music video, produced by Empire Films, uses classic Disney-style cell animation and incorporates the latest in multilayer post-production technology.

Ron is currently on tour in China performing his original songs plus memorable hits. Drawing influences in his songwriting wherever his travels, Kingston continues to write and perform in some fascinating countries around the world.

Ron’s music is romantically charged with refreshing melodies, sensuous grooves and distinct, smooth, soulful vocals. Download Ron Kingston's songs available on iTunes, Amazon and all leading online stores!

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